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325 NY-100, Somers, NY

Original Grocery Tenant: Gristedes
Address: 325 NY-100, Somers, NY
Opened: 1974
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: CVS
Photographed: July 9, 2021
Sometimes my gut feeling leads me astray in deciding what used to be a supermarket, but this 15,000 square foot CVS just felt like a former supermarket to me. A little research shows I was right: the space was built with the rest of the strip mall in 1974 as a Gristedes. The infamously expensive New York City chain has branched out from the city on a few occasions, with their largest expansion being up to Westchester County. We've seen their former stores in Pelham and Scarsdale, too.
I don't know when Gristedes closed, but it was well before the 2019 opening of a new upscale supermarket just across the street. Check it out here!