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5684 PA-115, Blakeslee, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: A&P
Address: 5684 PA-115, Blakeslee, PA
Opened: unknown
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: Ahart's Thriftway (open by 1976) > Ahart's Market
Photographed: October 15, 2023
Time for a little bonus post! A commenter on a Flickr photo says this 15,000 square foot was originally an A&P, but by 1976, it was Ahart's Thriftway. By 1998, it was still a Thriftway, and the following year, the newer location had been opened across the street. I'm not clear whether it opened as a Thriftway and later switched to Great Valu, or if it has been a Great Valu since it opened. Now for a look at what's next door...
A 45,000 square foot former Jamesway at the other end of the strip mall is now a somewhat strange indoor flea market, but it definitely has signs of its Jamesway past, including the fact that the flea market sign is a banner over the old Jamesway sign. In the bathrooms, we have a more explicit indication...
The strip mall is now mostly vacant, unfortunately. That's all for Blakeslee, and on Monday, we're moving along to Mount Pocono!


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