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45 River Rd, North Arlington, NJ

Original Grocery Tenant: Spring Farms
Address: 45 River Rd, North Arlington, NJ
Opened: ca. 2010
Closed: 2013
Later Tenants: Corrado's Market (2013-2022)
Photographed: June 15, 2023
Today's update is a very quick look at the former Corrado's Market in North Arlington, just north of yesterday's DG Market. The store, which I suspected was beginning to falter in 2020, closed in 2021 or 2022 as Corrado's apparently rethinks their business model. In the past few years, a strip mall they own with a supermarket in it in Wayne was foreclosed, a planned store in Brick was canceled, and locations in North Arlington and Denville were closed. Stores remain in Fairfield, Wayne, and Clifton remain in business, but the Clifton store is soon to undergo a major redevelopment that includes moving the garden center and wine/beer making supply store into the current supermarket building, along with a Planet Fitness. While plans call for the grocery store to remain in business, that will seriously cut into the 50,000 square foot supermarket's footprint, likely reducing it to closer to 15 or 20,000 square feet, if it's kept at all. A rumor on Facebook says that the Wayne location is expected to close soon, but I can't independently confirm that. We'll be taking a look at the Denville location tomorrow!


  1. Wayne officially closed as of 7/5.

    1. Yep, good catch. I added that to the Denville post. I have to imagine Fairfield isn't far behind.


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