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493 Delaware Ave, Palmerton, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Golden Key IGA
Address: 493 Delaware Ave, Palmerton, PA
Opened: ca. 1960s
Closed: ca. 2010
Later Tenants: vacant
Photographed: December 22, 2018
A very brief look today at the former Golden Key IGA in downtown Palmerton! It's just kind of diagonally across the street from Country Harvest, and was owned by the same people who own Country Harvest. My guess is that when ACME closed, they moved in there but decided to keep the older store too, which lasted for around 10 years beyond the opening of Country Harvest. In fact, in the 2009 street view, you can catch a glimpse of the Golden Key IGA in business. Notice the shopping carts in the window! These days, the former Golden Key is a Chinese restaurant, which appears to fill only the front half or so of the 7,000 square foot space, but as of 2021, the Golden Key IGA sign was still up! Just west of this store in the same block is another former grocery store, where we're headed tomorrow.