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39 N 7th St, Easton, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Hall's Grocery
Address: 39 N 7th St, Easton, PA
Opened: 1969
Closed: ca. 2018
Later Tenants: none
Photographed: January 8, 2021
You'd barely even know this space was home for many decades to a small grocer, now that the store has closed up shop, except for the Pepsi vending machine out front which is a bit odd to just have in front of someone's house. What I didn't realize when I was there is that the store actually had its entrance here in this building but most of the store seems to have been to the side, next door in the area with yellow siding that we can see in this street view when apparently the store was still in business.
Sadly, this is all that's left these days, and I couldn't get a good look inside the store. But that wraps up our look at the Lehigh Valley! Tomorrow we're going to see some updates and special reports, and then after that we're off to the Stroudsburg area!