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6150 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA

Original Tenant: Penn Fruit
Address: 6150 N 5th St, Olney, Philadelphia, PA
Opened: 1940s
Closed: by 1979
Later Tenants: CVS (ca. 1985- )
Photographed: July 2021
Quick stop here just west of yesterday's H Mart. This roughly 13,000 square foot building has been a CVS since at least around 1985, and according to JoshAustin610, it was built on the site of a demolished Penn Fruit. Looking at Historic Aerials, we can see that there's been a building here since at least 1948, but I can't find any evidence that the building was demolished at any point. In fact, there's a pretty clear progression of the building staying exactly as it is and being expanded several times. The original structure appears to be a 6100 square foot Penn Fruit with a 2400 square foot smaller store next to it. An addition of roughly 3200 square feet was built out on the other side of the property, towards the parking lot. If you look carefully, you can actually see the seam between the Penn Fruit and the next door store in my picture, which unfortunately lines up exactly with the telephone pole. In other words, I'm fairly certain this is in fact the building Penn Fruit occupied, just with a new facade on it. That's all for Olney, but come back tomorrow to get a preview of what's up next!


  1. Perhaps the thought of it being demolished is just that people are thinking a supermarket of that brand would look different (their more well-known rounded design), thus since this isn't made that way thinking it was a replacement building?

    Though he does say he read that is what happened, but not that he knew what occurred.


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