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1200 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA

Original Tenant: Farm Fresh
Address: 1200 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA
Opened: unknown
Closed: 2018
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: December 2019
I captured the Janaf Farm Fresh (not the Wards Corner Farm Fresh, as I originally thought) after its closure but before anything else had moved in. The space was later remodeled and subdivided for an Advance Auto Parts, keeping most of the facade intact. The store looked quite nice when it was still in business, and I'd guess that it was one of the newer-built Farm Fresh locations. By the way, as you may know or have guessed, there's a large military presence in Norfolk (incidentally, my uncle was stationed here for a while), giving us names like Military Highway and also the neighborhood where this store is, Janaf (or Joint Army-Navy Air Force). We have two more stores right in this area, the Food Lion across the street and the ALDI just south. Tomorrow, we head into downtown for a store here on Grocery Archaeology!