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1043 US-9, Old Bridge, NJ

Original Tenant: Pathmark
Address: 1043 US-9, Old Bridge, NJ
Opened: 1990s
Closed: 2015
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: February 2021
Our second post today is kinda the same as the first post. See a look at the ALDI here, and now we're going to take a closer look at the rest of the building. The 58,000 square foot building is a 1990s-era Pathmark Super Center, which you can see Acme Style's coverage of at the end of their post here. As we'll see, the former Pathmark space is remarkably intact six years after closing...
...although much of the facade has been repainted to disguise its red, white, and blue Pathmark colors.
The structure of the facade is still mostly intact though, with just a few cosmetic changes over on the ALDI side. In this post we're going to be focusing on the other half of the store, which is even more original inside...
Here's a look at the dividing wall with the new ALDI to the left of the wall on the left side.
Customer service island is still intact in the middle of the front-end! And we can also see that most of the refrigerator cases seem to be still floating around the store, although they've been moved. It's possible any cases that were on the side of the store that's now ALDI have been relocated over to this side. Notice, though, that the Pathmark decor has been removed.
And one more shot in through the front windows shows some more shelving intact, with the seafood and deli departments visible at the back of the store. Seems that the seafood case has been removed, but the deli case is still intact. It's amazing how intact this store still is after all these years! Tomorrow we're going out with a bang for the last day of our Old Bridge - Freehold group, with three stores in the same strip mall across the street -- two stores here on Grocery Archaeology and one on The Independent Edition. Stay tuned!


  1. This is the store where an employee came in and killed two other overnight employees and himself.

    1. Oh yes, I had forgotten about that story. Thanks for sharing the link!

  2. This opened in 1991-1992 to replace a smaller standalone store at 1001 US 9 (It's an Extra Space Storage now, but was abandoned from then until about 2001 or so.)


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