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778 Manor Rd, Staten Island, NY

Original Tenant: Waldbaum's
Address: 778 Manor Rd, Staten Island, NY
Opened: ca. 1960
Closed: 2007
Later Tenants: King Kullen (2007-2009)
Photographed: March 2020
This building, a bit west along the Staten Island Expressway from Olive Tree, is actually two floors, with both floors being taken up originally by Waldbaum's. The lower (basement) level, which ends up being ground level on the side of the building and was originally the backroom, later became a CVS. King Kullen bought this Waldbaum's in 2007 before closing in 2009.
At that time, after extensive renovations, CVS moved into the top floor around 2010. Queens, NY-based Fresh n Save Marketplace, a Key Food affiliate, moved into the rather dingy basement and equipped it nicely for a brand-new supermarket. Although Fresh n Save didn't last, a Key Food operator moved in, eventually selling to a CTown operator that closed and was replaced by the third SuperFresh on Staten Island. I photographed the last two (CTown and SuperFresh), and they are coming in the next two days to The Market Report.
I'm not entirely sure what possessed me to take interior pictures here, beyond perhaps the fact that this 25,000 square foot supermarket makes for a gigantic CVS.
This wall, which is the side wall of the CVS, becomes the front wall of SuperFresh in the basement.
Huge! Now check back to The Market Report for a look at the CTown and SuperFresh that have occupied the basement of the store.