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Memorabilia: It's In the Bag, Part 2!

Here's a little something to tide everyone over until The Market Report returns on January 1st! A few more random grocery bags from my own collection, following up on my first post on The Market Report.
A pre-2002 ShopRite bag.
Go fresh, go local with these Pathmark bags. Not sure on a year, but probably close to the final bankruptcy.
I feel like I've posted this White Rose bag before, but you're gonna see it again anyway...
And this one will be memorabilia soon enough, with LIDL's takeover of Long Island-based Best Market:
Not a supermarket bag, but an old retail bag nonetheless:
From the Elizabeth location.
This one goes out to my friends at A&P Preservation.
The 1990s Bravo logo makes an appearance on this bag. Not sure where it's from.
And we're finishing up with this bag from Kings. I believe I posted this one previously but now we get to see both sides...
Over and out for now. Happy holidays! Come back to The Market Report in the new year for lots of brand-new stores and back here for periodic memorabilia until then!