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7495 Westbranch Hwy, Lewisburg, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: ACME Markets
Address: 7495 Westbranch Hwy, Lewisburg, PA
Opened: late 1970s
Closed: 1995
Later Tenants: Bi-Lo (1995-1998) > Save-A-Lot (1998-ca. 2014)
Photographed: August 19, 2022
Today's snapshot is a quick look at a former ACME, later Bi-Lo and then a Save-A-Lot owned by Weis, which has a store just south of here. Eventually Weis sold the store back to Save-A-Lot, and then it closed around 2014. Although the building was extensively renovated, the original structure is still standing. There's another new grocery store just north of here, which we'll be taking a look at tomorrow on The Market Report!