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220 Water St, Dushore, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Dushore Market
Address: 220 Water St, Dushore, PA
Opened: unknown
Closed: 2021
Later Tenants: vacant
Photographed: August 17, 2022
The small town of Dushore, PA has a Hurley's IGA today, but not that long ago had a second store in town. The Dushore Market was here until 2021, changing ownership in 2019 and I'm not sure how long it was in business before that. A commenter on Flickr notes that the store was originally a furniture store.
A sign celebrating Dushore's 150th anniversary in 2009 remains on the side of the building, a nice piece of town memorabilia. Inside, the store hasn't changed much since it was in business...
We can get a really good look into the supermarket from the big windows in the front. Produce and maybe dairy was in the first aisle, meat and deli on the back wall, and frozen on the left side of the store. At around 5300 square feet, this store is about 3000 square feet smaller than Hurley's.
We can see the inside is a mix of old and new, with some things clearly updated such as the produce sign on the wall here, and some less so, like the aisle markers. Here's a closeup of the aisle markers when they were actually displaying items!
Note that there are two registers that run parallel to the front wall of the store. It's a slightly unusual setup, although I would bet it was placed that way when the store was expanded out the left side. You can see the posts where I assume it originally ended.
Here's a look over to the left side of the store, where frozen foods were.
And here's a look at the registers and grocery shelving from the exit door! I'm glad I got to see this store before it was eradicated completely, but I wish I could've gotten to visit when it was still in business. Up next we'll be checking out a supermarket with a lot of history but still operating as a big chain supermarket on The Market Report!