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242 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, NJ

Original Grocery Tenant: ShopRite
Address: 242 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, NJ
Opened: 1968
Closed: 1984
Later Tenants: Pathmark (1984-2015) > Price Saver Fresh Marketplace (April 2019-September 2019) > SuperFresh (coming soon)
Photographed: January 10, 2023
Just a quick revisit at the Price Saver Fresh Marketplace, previously Pathmark and ShopRite, in Middlesex, NJ. The space's history has been well-documented here on the blog, and we do have definitive confirmation that the space is set to become a SuperFresh. The SuperFresh/Food World 2023 calendar, which they were giving out at the Belleville location, has the locations listed on the back and this store was on it listed as opening 2023. Worth noting, though, that Roselle is not listed on that same list -- and, for one reason or another, the December 2023 calendar page says Wishing All Food Bazaar Customers a Merry Christmas. So I'm not entirely sure what to make of that all.
As we can see in these two pictures, the front windows have been newly papered over, but the Price Saver signage remains. There was limited visibility inside, since it was dark and there were no lights on inside, but it did seem that the work to convert the store to SuperFresh had begun. More to come, of course, when I revisit the store soon. Tomorrow we're returning to northeastern Pennsylvania, but for now, check out today's other posts here!
Update with photos from 3/3/23... although we can't see inside that much, we can tell construction is both ongoing and fairly extensive.
Looks like new registers and other fixtures are going in, and the floor has been scraped up. Check out the forklift!
Looks like the floor will be polished concrete. And it also looks like the store isn't that far from opening!