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4357 Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: SuperFresh
Address: 4357 Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA
Opened: 1987
Closed: 2009
Later Tenants: GIANT Food Stores (2009-2021)
Photographed: December 28, 2021
We are here to check out the former Doylestown GIANT, which was built as a SuperFresh in 1987. The roughly 50,000 square foot store was sold to GIANT Food Stores in 2009, which renovated and reopened it. The facade, however, remains from the store's days as a SuperFresh.
The new store opened just weeks before I visited, meaning I saw the old store immediately after its closure. I assume it's no longer so intact. Because when I took a look inside, it looked like they basically shut off the lights and called it a day...
There's only so many places I could get a good view of the interior, but when I could see in, I could see that the supermarket was fully intact back there.
A smaller window in front of what was the beer and wine department gives us a slightly better view of the interior, since there's no second set of doors blocking our view.
But it looks like this was a very attractive store, and I wouldn't be surprised if these fixtures were sent to other stores that need them.
A look at the entrance/exit foyer.
And although it was difficult to see in, there was a small chance to see where the grocery aisles and registers were...
GIANT was pretty good with covering the windows, but I could find a couple places to see in.
Anyway, now that you've gotten a taste of the Doylestown GIANT, we'll be touring the new store on Monday. Head over to The Market Report to check it out!