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Remember a while back when we switched from doing things county-by-county onto going by cities and regions? Well, Sussex County is a pretty sparse county, and its total population is slightly smaller than that of the city of Paterson, so we're actually going to see just 14 grocery stores and 1 former supermarket in the entire county. So I'm not sure it makes sense to split it up any further. Sussex County is when we're going to really start to feel like we're out in the country. We're going to start in Sparta just north of Jefferson on route 15 and move north through Franklin, Vernon, and Sussex before going all the way up to the very northern tip of the state for Montague. And that is officially where we end our journey up from Freehold to the north central part of the state! From there, we will begin our final descent -- we will then be traveling from Montague down along the west border of the state, through Branchville, Newton, Andover, and Byram. When we finish Sussex County, we'll be heading south through Hunterdon and Warren before passing through the Princeton, Trenton, and Camden areas and finishing out the state just south of Camden. But that's all way in the future, and for now, we're going to check out both stores in Sparta tomorrow over on The Market Report!

And of course, here are today's updates and special reports: