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235 Queen St, Southington, CT

Original Grocery Tenant: A&P Super Foodmart
Address: 235 Queen St, Southington, CT
Opened: ca. 1980
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: subdivided
Photographed: October 7, 2023
This facade is pretty easily recognizable to me, even though I don't think there are any supermarkets left with it. It dates back to the 1990s or so, when this A&P would've been renovated and expanded into an A&P Super Foodmart. At the time of its closing, the store totaled 43,000 square feet. (The store may also have been a Waldbaum's at the time it opened.)
For comparison, here's a look at this facade on the Newington location, which later became a Best Market and then Local Market. The distinctive angled edges and circle accents over the columns are easy to spot, although of course this one has been painted. A&P closed most of its central CT locations by about 2005, although some remained later. Quite a few of the southwestern CT locations lasted until the 2015 bankruptcy, and four were purchased by ACME. Southington has a few other supermarkets, including a Price Chopper just diagonally across the street from this store (which shares the mall with a small Walmart of only around 90,000 square feet). Another store is located around a mile north, which we'll be touring tomorrow on The Market Report!