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100 Pike St, Port Jervis, NY

Original Grocery Tenant: Great American
Address: 100 Pike St, Port Jervis, NY
Opened: mid-1990s
Closed: late 1990s
Previous Tenants: WT Grant > Kmart (closed 1993)
Later Tenants: subdivided/non-grocery tenants
Photographed: February 3, 2021
Next to the Save-A-Lot we saw yesterday is this 46,000 square foot former WT Grant, later Kmart which ultimately relocated to Matamoras. For a brief period in the mid-1990s, the space was occupied by a Great American supermarket. It sat vacant until work began in 2015 on the renovation of the strip mall. These days, the space is occupied at least in part by a VA clinic. That's all for the city of Port Jervis itself, and up next we're headed northwest along the PA/NY border and the Delaware River for a couple days' worth of independent supermarkets. Our first is on The Independent Edition on Monday!


  1. Is there a theme here? Something about relocating to another state (even if it is just minutes away)? ;)

    1. The real question is - what makes Matamoras so attractive to businesses to where they will move from neighboring jurisdictions?

    2. May have something to do with differences in laws between states.

      May have something to do with ease of access (this section of Matamoras where the shopping area in question is within a short distance of I-84).

      Could be space issues (since both the GU and Kmart were on the small side in Port Jervis, not sure on the ShopRite but that was a store dating back to Big V days, so it may have been smaller as well).

      May also have to do with some of the areas themselves (seems I've heard of parts of Port Jervis proper having issues that you now see in many cities, but even before they became as known in the city areas).

      Or some combination of all of the above and some of the below ;)

    3. I think you're right about most of these, they sound logical based on what I know about this area too.


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