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250 S Courtland St, East Stroudsburg, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: ACME Markets
Address: 250 S Courtland St, East Stroudsburg, PA
Opened: 1970s
Closed: ca. 1990
Later Tenants: Mignosi's IGA (1990s) > CVS (2001- )
Photographed: November 29, 2019
You can't miss that pitched-roof building, even if it's hidden by a new boring CVS facade! This CVS is built around an original 17,500 square foot ACME, later expanded to around 24,000 square feet. It looks like the CVS might take up only the space that was the original ACME, and the rest has been repurposed. This ACME closed around 1990, and was a Mignosi's IGA for around 10 years (same owners as the current Foodtown of East Stroudsburg) before becoming CVS in 2001.
In the back, we can definitely tell this building was an ACME! I didn't spend too much time looking around but the bones are definitely fully intact. Tomorrow, we're moving on to a very new store here in East Stroudsburg, which is just about a block south of here, on The Market Report!


  1. Surprising it would even take up all of the Acme spot, as that seems a bit large for a drugstore in this part of the USA (not like some of the chains that were originally out west). More like 10,000 or 12,000 would be their standard size if they built a store new.

    1. True, although to be fair I don't know that it does for sure, since I haven't been inside. Notice the red and white panels on the windows in the front, it's possible they're hiding vacant space that CVS is not using.


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