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322 W Bridge St, New Hope, PA

Original Grocery Tenant: Delray's Thriftway
Address: 322 W Bridge St, New Hope, PA
Opened: 1979
Closed: 1999
Later Tenants: Clemens (1999-2006) > SuperFresh (2006-2015)
Photographed: January 12, 2021
Just next door from yesterday's McCaffrey's is this former supermarket, today a gym and physical therapy facility. This facility is slightly smaller than the McCaffrey's at around 22,000 square feet. It was constructed in 1979 as Delray's Thriftway with the rest of the strip mall, then 20 years later became a Clemens which in turn was sold to SuperFresh in 2006. SuperFresh closed in 2015, with the current tenant opening a few years after that. By the way, we are directly across the river from Lambertville, NJ, where we saw the former ACME. That store is a little over a mile east over the border. Up next we're headed around 7 miles north along the Delaware River for tomorrow's snapshot, over on The Independent Edition!