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Our next stop as we travel north through the middle of the state is here in the Somerville area! Somerville isn't a particularly large city but it's a substantial town with a few other towns immediately surrounding it. Much of this area was agricultural and green space, and some of it still is (see the gorgeous Duke Farms, located just outside Somerville). This is a solidly suburban area which, again, borders on rural especially to the south and west. We begin in the northeastern corner of the group, with stops in Middlesex, Somerset, South Bound Brook and Bound Brook, then on to the northwest in Bridgewater, Manville, Somerville, Raritan, and Branchburg, and finally Hillsborough to the south. I mentioned Duke Farms a second ago, and generally, we're circling counter-clockwise around Duke Farms in the middle (which is within Hillsborough Township). There's a lot of interesting stores here, so let's begin with a former supermarket in Middlesex here on Grocery Archaeology!