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270 Central Ave, The Heights, Jersey City, NJ

Original Tenant: ACME Markets
Address: 270 Central Ave, The Heights, Jersey City, NJ
Opened: 1947
Closed: 1965
Later Tenants: Kennedy Department Store
Photographed: December 2020
Today's second store is this former 1940s-era ACME on Central Avenue in the Heights. (Our first was a small greengrocer shop about a block north.) There's unfortunately relatively little information available about this 8900 square foot store, but I'm fairly certain there is a photo of it available in one of the Images of America books on Jersey City. I love those books but only have access to them via a local library, since I don't own many of them. There were once quite a few ACMEs around Jersey City, with the last remaining 1970s-era one closing in 2009 and then two acquired A&P stores opening in 2015, see Droyer's Point and Newport. Tomorrow is our last double-post day, with a small independent grocery store on The Independent Edition and a look at the neighborhood's chain supermarket over on The Market Report!


  1. I suppose this isn't really related to the content of the blog at all, but I quite like Kennedy Department Store's logo :P


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