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1510 US-46, Woodland Park, NJ

Original Tenant: Pathmark
Address: 1510 US-46, Woodland Park, NJ
Opened: 1970s
Closed: 2010
Later Tenants: Fairway Market (2011-2020) > Amazon Fresh coming soon
Photographed: March 2012 & December 2020
We're heading just west of Paterson to visit the very first supermarket I ever photographed! This was taken back in 2012, when this Fairway had just opened in a former Pathmark. That's four years before I really started to get serious about supermarket photography. I honestly can't remember what made me photograph this store, but I did. The Fairway closed in the chain's spring 2020 bankruptcy and was taken over by Amazon along with the Paramus location.
The Pathmark closed soon after A&P acquired the Pathmark chain, given that there was a newer and larger A&P just next door. Fairway came in the following year, and lasted all the way until the chain's bankruptcy in summer 2020. I revisited the location in December 2020, to see the store's state at that point and any preparations for the upcoming Amazon Fresh store that may have been underway. There were none yet...
...only the removal of the Fairway signage outside and most of the fixtures inside. The signs on route 46 had been blacked out, too. But of course, we have a very clear labelscar here on the front!
We can see Fairway did very little to the exterior upon moving in, as the Pathmark bones are still intact. Inside, though, the space was completely remodeled.
You enter on the left side here, with produce and deli/bakery in the grand aisle to the left. Unfortunately, there are no windows to the grand aisle so we can't actually see into it very well.
Or you could turn right inside the front door to enter the liquor store, which was on the front wall.
And looking into the liquor store area, we can see that although most of the fixtures have been removed, a lot is still intact.
I'm not entirely sure what that blue paint is doing on the walls. It certainly doesn't match anything else that Fairway had, but why would that specific painting have been done after Fairway closed?
Liquor store checkout counter in the back corner there. We can also get a peek into the main supermarket from here...
We're looking at what was the cheese counter there on the back wall. Seafood was just to the right, with meats to the right of that.
Here's the exit of the main supermarket and another entrance to the liquor store.
In the main supermarket, all of the grocery aisles and checkouts are gone, but some of the signage remains.
I'm assuming the yellow wall to the left is the back of the produce department, or maybe the bakery.
Meat and dairy are visible around the rest of the store...
I'm interested to see what Amazon is going to do in this location. I'm not too caught up on what Amazon is doing with their existing Fresh stores, but they have an uphill battle coming into northern NJ where customers already have a lot of choices and are, most notably, extremely loyal to their ShopRites. Many of the ShopRites we've been seeing in this area are Inserra-owned stores, which are solid and very affordable supermarkets. But directly across route 46 from this store is a single-store ShopRite, owned by the Infusino family, who have owned a supermarket in Little Falls for generations. It's just completed its latest remodel and expansion, and we're going to take a look at it tomorrow on The Market Report!


  1. Fascinating account of the different food stores that once were in this Woodland Park NJ location. When is Amazon Fresh scheduled to open?


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