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1491 NJ-23, Wayne, NJ

Original Tenant: A&P
Address: 1491 NJ-23, Wayne, NJ
Opened: 1960s
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: unknown
Photographed: August 2019
We saw the former A&P and its replacement up in the Preakness section of Wayne, today's snapshot is one of the other former A&Ps in Wayne, in the Packanack section. There are at least four -- these three, plus a former Futurestore between the the Preakness and Packanack locations which was likely a replacement for the two older stores. The 17,000 square foot store here was expanded, likely by a later tenant, to 23,500 square feet. I photographed it from the parking lot of the Packanack Wayne Shopping Center directly across the street, which is anchored by a Foodtown residing in a former barrel-roof Food Fair. That wraps up Wayne! Now unfortunately there's no geographically elegant way to do this, so we're just gonna hop across most of Passaic County out to Midland Park in Bergen County, then on to Paramus to the east. Check out our store tour tomorrow on The Market Report!