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1844 US-6, Carmel, NY

Original Tenant: Grand Union
Address: 1844 US-6, Carmel, NY
Opened: 1960s
Closed: unknown
Later Tenants: Key Food (2001-2004?)
Photographed: November 2018
So let's see if I can reconstruct the story of what happened here. This mall opened sometime in the 1960s anchored by a Grand Union at the west end and an Ames at the east end. When Grand Union went under in 2001, like so many other of their smaller locations in the southern Hudson Valley, it was sold to a Key Food operator. Key Food presumably didn't last long, closing by 2004. At some point, Hannaford either took over the GU/Key Food or simply moved into the department store. Given that the Grand Union building was only 23,000 square feet, it probably wouldn't have been too appealing for Hannaford. Hannaford opened in the former Ames location in 2008, but when Hannaford parent Delhaize merged with Stop & Shop parent Ahold in 2016, they sold the 62,000 square foot Hannaford to Tops Friendly Markets instead of canceling the in-progress Mahopac Stop & Shop. We'll be touring that store tomorrow on The Market Report! Today, the former Grand Union is home to a New York Sports Club.


  1. Hard to say, but since both stores would have been empty at the same time (by the time Hannaford came to the scene) it would make sense that Hannaford went directly into the former Ames storefront.

    The Stop & Shop side of the company did move into many old Grand Unions, even smaller ones and then (in some cases) later replaced them. The store just north of the Dutchess County fairgrounds, now also owned by Tops, is a great example, Stop & Shop started in the Grand Union building (now medical offices) and then the current supermarket replaced (but in a totally new building) a former Jamesway that had been vacant since that chain closed. S&S has (or had) also maintained some smaller stores where replacement wasn't possible, such as the Highland Park NJ store right in the main part of town.


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